Lifting Magnets

Highly-efficient and performance-oriented

Lifting Magnets for speedy operations

Ambica Engineering Company is one of the topmost lifting magnet manufacturing companies in India. Our lifting magnets are sturdy and can handle large capacities of loads, efficiently and easily. Owing to our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we ensure high quality standards are maintained while manufacturing of lifting magnets. Our lifting magnets are rigorously tested for performance and all magnetic, electric and mechanical factors are matched to promise reliable, safe and high-performance operations. Using lifting magnets by Ambica Engineering Co. instead of mechanical loaders can offer significant advantages including:

  • Easy and fast load picking and dropping
  • Cost savings due to zero requirement of manual labour
  • Safe and efficient handling of sheet metal without any damages or deformation
  • Faster sorting of metal plates, blocks, billets.
  • Efficient storage space utilization

Lifting Magnets

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