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June 15, 2018
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January 23, 2019
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EOT crane

EOT cranes are humongous machines. Most of the entrepreneurs, plant operators or managers who need them are terrified with their look and there is nothing unnatural about them. They can be quite intimidating for a business person who would can actually benefit a lot from them. Here is why you might feel intimidated:

  1. You are thinking that this would be a huge investment. Will this investment pay off?
  2. You are thinking that this will make your logistics more complex. Will you be able to handle the operations with the EOT crane in it?
  3. Finally, what kind of maintenance and transportation costs will you have to take care of?

To help you out, here is an answer – you are overestimating the possible risks and underestimating the possible benefit! EOT cranes are assembled and used with precision. Hence, most of the safety, operational and business risks you thought about are non-existent.

Beyond that, the real trouble can be in getting the best possible weight lifting tool for your business. First and foremost, how to know if you need a heavy lifting crane? If your business needs the following three, you definitely need an EOT crane in your operation:

  1. You are into manufacturing.
  2. Your ground level operations are scaling fast.
  3. You handle heavy payloads at the operational level.
  4. You are into transportation or other heavy industries.

For anyone in these industries, investing in a weightlifting crane is a no-brainer. Now comes the question what all can such a crane do:

A quality crane, sourced from good gantry crane manufacturers in Ahmedabad, can easily lift 200 kg – 250 kg of weight in one go.

The crane can significantly expedite your operations if you are using manual labour for lifting goods.

It can cut your costs by saving your wages for the labour and by adding value because of increased efficiency.

Finally, it can make your operations less risky.

If you are wondering whether a gantry crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad can help you with your specifications, give them a call and ask for a detailed demonstration.

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