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Lifting Magnets

Ambica Engineering Company is leading Lifting Magnet manufacturing company in India. Our Load Lifting Magnets are used with crane to lift heavy load in bulk like raw material(solid slabs-steel ingots-bloom billets-pig iron), scrap, machinery, light finished items, etc.
Ambica Engineering Company's Load Lifting Magnets are of robust cast and bolted or fabricated construction designed for reliable, efficient and economical performance in the most arduous service conditions. AMBICA Lifting magnets offer many substantial advantages wherever large quantities of Iron and Steel have to be handled. All magnetic, mechanical and electrical factors are ideally matched to give exceptional working capacity, economy and reliability in service.
Load Lifting Magnets offer substantial advantages as compared to mechanical loaders :
◊ Simple pick-up and put-down of load
◊ Labour Saving : the crane driver need not wait for loaders to complete job
◊ Quicker turn-over to material
◊ Gentle handling of sheet metal (no damage to edges, no deformation)
◊ Better utilization of storage space
◊ Simple sorting of plates, blocks, billets.