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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Our hoists offer exceptional performance, easy load handling, superior safety and favorable dimensions due to ultra-low head room configuration. For industrial cranes, solo hoist or monorail applications, or for upgrading existing hoisting equipment, Wire rope hoists offer the best return on your investment. Ambica Engineering Company can provide electric wire rope hoists having 15 Ton capacity & 18 mtrs. height of lift as standard.

Benefits of our standard features:

◊ Top-Quality, Heavy-Duty Wire Rope Hoists
◊ Revolutionary Compact Design
◊ Easy and effective Load handling
◊ Advantages for crane modernization and factory retrofit
◊ Versatile models and features offering wide choice as per application
◊ We offer True Lift as standard - the hook moves horizontally only 10mm during a one-meter lift
◊ Rigging of the load is safer with the design of the hook forging
◊ DC Disk motor brake
◊ IP55 rated for outdoor use
◊ Next generation rope guide
◊ Heavy-duty fan cooled motors
◊ Premium rope for wear resistance
◊ Most Competitively Priced