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Double Girder EOT Crane

Double Girder EOT Cranes can be used for higher capacities, larger span and height of lifts. They also facilitate multiple hoisting capacities with auxiliary lifting mechanism. Ambica Engineering Company provides right solution to the customer for Double Girder EOT Cranes with optimum design and stability. Following advantages can be achieved using Double Girder EOT Crane.

◊ Maximum stability due to double girder box design.
◊ Geometrically reliable during assembly owing bolted design.
◊ Multiple speed selection option for all motions using VVVF Drive or slip ring motors
◊ Ideal for operator by using optional cabin control.
◊ Easy maintenance with walkways and assembly platforms
◊ Capacity : 1 Ton to 150 Tons.
◊ Span : 5 mtrs. to 40 mtrs.